Board of directors

Kurt Jahrling BCO, FASO, CCS



Jeffrey Davis BCO, BADO


Vice Chairman

John Kelley Jr. BCO, FASO



John Imm BCO


Board Member

Marie Allen Drennen BCO, BADO


Board Member

Dr. Cat Burkat, MD


Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) Board Member

Kirstin Atkins


Public Member

Daniel C. Yeager BCO, FASO, CCS


Executive Director 

Nominations closed- other opportunities to come!

Dear Board Certified Ocularists,

The National Examining Board of Ocularists is seeking a new Board member and a new Public board member for a three year term of service.  

This is an exciting opportunity to become involved in setting standards, creating new exam questions and learning about technical analysis on many levels.  

Currently NEBO meets once a year for a day or two just before the the American Society of Ocularists annual meeting.  Occasionally an addition meeting is held for seminars with our testing company for various elements of the accreditation process.  Expenses for travel and hotel stays are provided for these meetings . A guaranteed room at the annual ASO meeting is one of the privileges of service to NEBO.  Most other duties and classes are conducted through the internet and utilizing webinars for the rest of the year.  

Please nominate a Board Certified Ocularist with at least 5/years of experience for the Board position.  No other pre-qualifications are required other than a desire to learn and grow in knowledge of the Ocularist and accreditation field. Opportunities in quality control management , office standards and analysis of the many things we do and get addition credentials while learning it all are also part of Board service.  

As we must maintain an arms length separation from any Ocularist, optometric and Ophthalmogical organizations we would ask that the person  being nominated is not currently serving on or for any other Boards or committees.    

You may also nominate yourself , and on a separate form please nominate a public member that you feel would be able to contribute to our cause.  Patient relatives have been a great source and bring unique but connected perspectives to help protect the public interests in the certification plan. Former NEBO Members , non certified Ocularists or other retiring professionals make great nominations as well.  

All nominations are due by 5 PM Central Time on November 4th.  Once received NEBO will call the nominee to discuss the the position and answer any questions on what is involved.  The current Board will then vote the nominees by protected ballot and the results will be tallied by the NEBO Adminstrator and reported back to the Board.  The NEBO Chairman will then contact the elected person(s) with further details on his/ her opportunities with NEBO.   

We look forward to receiving your nominations for both a new Ocularist and public member to our Board.  In the event you have any questions please contact either the NEBO staff or any of the current Board members.  

Sincerely, Dr. Daniel Yeager  NEBO Executive Director

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