Update from the NEBO Board 5/12/2020



An update from your NEBO Board. 

3/17/20 Update from NEBO

Message from Executive Director Daniel C. Yeager

Dear Board Certified Ocularist,

As the situation with COVID-19 continues to unfold, we want to personally let you know NEBO is keeping you and your families in mind.  We are carefully monitoring the changes and updates from the local, state, and federal levels, as well as the world perspectives.  

During this time, NEBO will remain fully operational and will continue to support your questions as we move ahead with our new scheme for recertification with NCCA and ISO requirements.

With the unknown status of the American Society of Ocularists Mid-Year meeting in Puerto Rico; we will assist those BCO’s with potential credit shortfalls as a result of this potential cancellation on an individual basis in this un-precedented world event with several options for you to maintain your Certification with NEBO.

While this event will affect us all, both personally and professionally in different ways, I would ask that during our own turmoil that we don’t forget those less capable; such as the elderly and those with limited mental and physical abilities in dealing with this life altering event.

Please visit our website for more updates as we gain understanding of the changes ahead in our future.

I wish you all the best health and compassion in our service to others.


Dr. Daniel C. Yeager

Executive Director for NEBO 

Thank you for your Service and Dedication to NEBO!

Vice- Chairman

Vice- Chairman

Vice- Chairman


Michael Strauss BCO, BADO

Board Service since 2010

Vice- Chair since 2015

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Vice- Chairman

Vice- Chairman


Jon MacLean

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